FastComet Review (January 2024)

Today, I’m evaluating another well-known web hosting provider: FastComet. I’ve been utilizing this hosting service for the last three years. After conducting thorough testing and research, I’m here to share my candid thoughts on it.

Additionally, we will delve into its features, encompassing its user interface, security measures, backup solutions, migration support, refund policy, software assistance, and more. FastComet also boasts a highly enticing Affiliate Program, which we’ll explore below.

Lastly, we will analyze some key advantages and disadvantages of FastComet, explore alternative options, and determine whether FastComet is a worthwhile investment. Without further delay, let’s get started!

About FastComet

FastComet is an independent, privately-owned company that was founded in 2013. Their corporate headquarters are located in San Francisco, California.

FastComet is committed to maintaining integrity, showing respect, and sharing knowledge. They have a strong dedication to their customers and uphold high standards for their projects.

fastcomet homepage

Currently, FastComet provides web hosting services to more than 50 thousand websites and small businesses. They are continually working on enhancing their services to better serve their customers.

If you prefer a quick overview of the major features and test results of FastComet Hosting, you can find them in the table below:

fastcomet table
fastcomet table1

FastComet Server Response Time

Regarding the Server Response Time, I observed it to be 3 ms in Mumbai and 67 ms in Singapore, which is indeed impressive! This performance is notably better when compared to web hosts like StableHost or Bluehost.

However, as you move further away towards the US regions, the Server Response Time (SRT) tends to increase considerably. This is a common trend due to the geographical distance between the server locations and the user.

FastComet SRT

Currently, FastComet is using Apache servers. However, it’s worth noting that their sales team has confirmed plans to introduce LiteSpeed servers on some of their hosting plans in the near future. This is excellent news, as LiteSpeed servers are known for significantly enhancing performance. Many users, including yourself, are looking forward to this upgrade.

FastComet Speed Test

FastComet employs exclusive SSD storage on all of their plans to store your files and databases. They claim that this results in swift speeds and, as mentioned on their website, can lead to your website loading up to 300% faster compared to traditional storage methods. This emphasis on SSD storage can greatly enhance website performance.

When I chose the Bangalore location, I experienced exceptional page load speeds of 879.04 ms! These speeds are on par with well-known hosting providers like ChemiCloud and Cloudways. This is a remarkable achievement and demonstrates FastComet’s commitment to delivering fast and reliable hosting services.

What’s even more impressive about the speed test results with Indian servers is that I achieved these speeds without the use of any caching plugins. This indicates that FastComet’s hosting infrastructure and server performance alone are highly efficient and capable of delivering fast loading times, even without additional optimization through caching plugins.

FastComet Uptime 

I’ve been monitoring the uptime of my website hosted on FastComet for the past 365 days using the Better Uptime tool, which checks my website’s status every 30 seconds. This level of monitoring frequency ensures that any downtime or disruptions are promptly detected and reported, providing a comprehensive view of the hosting provider’s reliability over the course of a year.

FastComet Uptime Status Report

Below is the uptime report for the FastComet Extra Shared Hosting plan (Indian servers) over the past 365 days.

fastcomet uptime

Over the last 365 days, my website’s overall uptime was an impressive 99.95%, which is considered very good. Moreover, in the last 30 days, I’ve noticed a flawless uptime record of 100%. This indicates a significant improvement in their uptime performance over the last 6 months.

FastComet Load Test

FastComet asserts that they provide unmetered traffic on all of their plans. This signifies that there should be no restrictions on bandwidth consumption, including their shared hosting plans.

In the load test, I directed 50 virtual users from Mumbai-based data centers to assess how efficiently my website can manage incoming traffic.

During this test, these virtual users generated a total of 9370 requests, and there were no request failures, which is excellent. The peak request rate reached 49.33 requests per second, and the average response time was a mere 4 milliseconds. This performance is truly impressive and indicative of FastComet’s capacity to handle traffic effectively.

FastComet Load Test

As you can see in the image above, there is a minor spike in the response time. However, this is attributable to the fact that I did not utilize any caching plugins. If I had employed one, it’s likely that these spikes would have been mitigated or eliminated.

FastComet Cache

FastComet offers three shared hosting plans, with the maximum cache plugins available on the FastCloud Extra plan. This plan includes features like LiteSpeed Cache, OPCache, MemCache, Cloudflare CDN Caching, and more, to optimize website performance and speed.

FastComet Cache

Starting from June 2022, FastComet has discontinued the use of the Cachewall app and transitioned to LiteSpeed servers. Consequently, you can now utilize the LiteSpeed Cache plugin in conjunction with their hosting services. This change reflects their commitment to enhancing website performance and caching capabilities.

It’s important to note that these advanced cache systems, such as LiteSpeed Cache, OPCache, and MemCache, are exclusively available on the FastCloud Extra plan. If you’re using one of the lower-tier plans, you will still benefit from Cloudflare CDN caching by default, which can enhance website performance and speed to a certain extent.

Another noteworthy detail is that the MemCache service is disabled by default on FastComet because it can cause compatibility issues with certain applications. To enable MemCache, you’ll need to reach out to their support team for assistance. This approach ensures that MemCache is activated correctly without causing any disruptions to your website or apps.

FastComet Data Centres

FastComet operates data centers in 11 locations worldwide. This extensive network of data centers ensures that your website loads quickly regardless of where your audience is located. This global presence contributes to a smoother and more responsive user experience for visitors from various regions.

FastComet data centres

FastComet User Interface

The user interface of FastComet appears decent, with a design that may not be particularly eye-catching or modern. However, it is functional and practical. All the functions are neatly organized on the left panel, making it easy to navigate and access the necessary features.

FastComet UI

Basically, the FastComet interface lets you do the following.

  1. Manage your account.
  2. Handle your purchased services.
  3. Manage your domains or add new ones.
  4. Access your cPanel or Webmail service.
  5. Get in touch with customer support.
  6. Monitor resource usage.

FastComet offers cPanel with its hosting plans, which is widely recognized as one of the most powerful and user-friendly control panels available in the hosting industry.

FastComet cPanel UI

cPanel is known for being easy to use, mobile-friendly, and equipped with a wide array of useful tools and software, providing a seamless experience for its users. While the interface is generally user-friendly, there may be room for improvement in terms of its design aesthetics.

FastComet Domain Name 

Yes, I’m aware that FastComet used to offer free lifetime domain registration in the past. However, it’s important to note that they have discontinued this offer, so as of now, you don’t receive free domains with any of FastComet’s hosting plans. It’s always a good practice to check the most up-to-date information regarding their offerings when considering their services.

New Domains

FastComet is indeed a well-known domain registrar that provides domains at competitive prices. Here are the annual prices for some popular top-level domains (TLDs):

FastComet domain

If you’re still in the process of selecting a name for your website, you might find domain name generators helpful. They can provide creative suggestions and ideas to assist you in finding the perfect domain name for your site.

Domain Transfer

FastComet’s offer of 1 free domain transfer and a free renewal for a year is a valuable opportunity for those who have their domains registered with another web host. This means you can transfer your domain to FastComet at no cost and benefit from a year of renewed registration without incurring additional charges. It’s a great way to consolidate your hosting and domain registration services if you’re considering a switch to FastComet.

FastComet’s approach of charging only a registration fee for domain renewal without any additional costs is indeed an attractive feature. This transparent pricing can help customers save money on ongoing domain maintenance, making it a cost-effective choice for those looking to manage their domains efficiently.

Preview URL

FastComet offers the convenience of creating a temporary URL, which allows you to access your website even if you haven’t yet connected your domain name to your hosting account. This can be particularly useful during the setup phase or when you want to preview your website before the domain is fully configured.

You can locate the option to create a temporary URL under the “Active Products” tab in your FastComet console. This feature is designed to make it easy for users to access their websites, especially during initial setup or domain configuration.

Temporary URL in FastComet

Creating a temporary URL allows you to preview and ensure how your website looks and functions online before officially launching it to your audience. It’s a valuable tool for testing and fine-tuning your website’s appearance and functionality to ensure a smooth and polished user experience.

FastComet Security 

Discussing security, FastComet employs a range of security measures to protect their users from online threats. Some of the most significant security features are outlined below:

FastComet Security Features

FastComet provides the option to set a master password for your account, which is a unique feature that distinguishes it from other hosting providers. This Master Password adds an extra layer of security to your account and can help enhance the protection of your online assets.

Services like cPanel access, website setup, backup, restoration, and staging require the verification of your master password for added security. While this extra layer of protection enhances the security of your account and data, it’s important to note that it may occasionally result in a slightly slower workflow due to the additional verification steps.

  1. ModSecurity: This is a Web Application Firewall (WAF) that actively blocks unauthorized login attempts. It’s optimized for popular CMS platforms like WordPress and Magento.
  2. 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication): Users can enable 2FA using authenticator apps like Google Authenticator or Authy to generate one-time passwords (OTP) for added login security.
  3. SSL Certificate: FastComet provides free Let’s Encrypt Domain Validated SSL Certificates applied to all domains by default, ensuring secure data transfer.
  4. BitNinja Security: This is a 7-layered network firewall that defends against DDoS attacks, script injections, and more. It’s enabled on all FastComet plans.
  5. Imunify360: A malware scanner and firewall service that protects servers from threats like brute force attacks and DDoS attacks.
  6. Virus Scanner: Scans the entire home directory, mail, public FTP space, and public web space separately for viruses.
  7. IP Blocker: Allows users to block specific IP addresses from accessing their website.
  8. Hotlink Protection: Prevents other users from directly linking to files on your website, helping to prevent bandwidth theft.
  9. Isolated Hosting Environment: Each shared hosting account is provided with an isolated environment. This means that even if a neighboring website on the same server is infected, your website remains protected.
  10. SSH Access: Offers the capability to make direct server changes using the Terminal app under cPanel, allowing advanced users greater control and flexibility.

FastComet Backups and Restoration

FastComet provides a valuable service by offering automated daily backups on all its hosting plans at no extra cost. These backups are stored off-site, which means they are saved on a different server than where your website resides. This off-site backup approach ensures that your website’s data remains protected, even in the event of unforeseen issues or disasters. Having reliable and up-to-date backups is crucial for safeguarding your website and data integrity.

FastComet’s backup system allows for separate backups of various components, including files, databases, emails, cronjobs, DNS zones, and more. This level of granularity in backup options provides users with flexibility in managing their data and ensures that they can create backups tailored to their specific needs. It’s a valuable feature for those who want to have precise control over their backup processes and data recovery options.

FastComet Backups

FastComet’s use of incremental backups is an efficient approach to data backup. Incremental backups only capture and store the changes made since the last backup, which minimizes the storage space required and reduces the backup process’s resource usage. This not only saves server resources but also ensures that backups are completed quickly and without consuming excessive storage capacity. It’s a smart way to manage backups while optimizing system performance.

In FastComet’s shared hosting plans:

  • The FastCloud and FastCloud Plus plans store automatic backups for a duration of 7 days.
  • The FastCloud Extra plan offers extended backup storage, retaining your backups for a period of 30 days.

The varying backup retention periods provide users with options based on their specific needs and preferences.

FastComet simplifies the restoration process by offering a user-friendly 1-click Restore Manager. This tool makes it easy for users to initiate the restoration of their website or data, streamlining the recovery process in the event of any issues or data loss.

FastComet Restorations

FastComet Website Staging

Staging is a practice that involves creating a duplicate copy of your website for the purpose of testing feature updates or modifications before applying them to your live site. FastComet facilitates easy and seamless website staging through their integration with the Softaculous auto-installer. This feature allows users to test changes in a safe environment, reducing the risk of errors or disruptions on their live website during the development and testing phase.

All you need to do is go to the Softaculous installer and, under WordPress, select the website you want to clone. 

Website Staging option in FastComet

By clicking on the “Staging” option in the Softaculous interface, you can access the URL for your cloned site and the WordPress admin credentials for editing purposes. This staging environment allows you to make unlimited edits to the site without affecting the live version.

You can preview the changes using the provided URL, and all modifications will be kept isolated within the staging environment until you’re ready to apply them to your live website. This is a valuable feature for testing and fine-tuning website updates before making them publicly accessible.

Push to live in FastComet

Once satisfied with your staging environment modifications, return to the WordPress manager and click ‘Push changes to Live’ to apply them to your live website. That’s it! Your changes have now been applied to your original website. I found the staging process to be straightforward and user-friendly with FastComet!

FastComet Support 

FastComet’s customer support is highly commendable. They provide assistance through email tickets, 24/7 live chat, and phone support. In addition, they maintain a comprehensive knowledge base with a substantial number of articles. This array of support options and resources ensures that users can easily access help and guidance whenever they need it.

FastComet Tutorias

For beginners, FastComet offers over 60 in-depth tutorials covering a wide range of topics, including CMS, eCommerce, Blogging, Programming Languages, CRM, Hosting, Website optimization, and more. These tutorials are designed to provide valuable guidance and assistance to users who may be new to website development and hosting, helping them navigate various aspects of managing their online presence effectively.

In summary, I had a positive experience with FastComet’s live chat support. Their technical staff demonstrated knowledge, responsiveness, and politeness in their responses. I received intelligent answers to all my inquiries within just 2-3 minutes, which greatly contributed to a smooth and efficient support experience.

FastComet Inode Count 

The inode count, in hosting terminology, represents the total number of files that can be stored on your hosting account. FastComet offers different inode limits depending on the specific hosting plan you choose.

Following are the inode count limits for shared hosting plans. 

  • FastCloud: 2.5 lakh inodes
  • FastCloud Plus: 3.5 lakh inodes
  • FastCloud Extra: 5 lakh inodes

FastComet Pricing Plans

Here’s a concise comparison of the pricing and features of different Shared Hosting plans available on FastComet:

FastComet pricing

Best Plan

The discounts running on FastComet usually fall between 55% to 70%. But as of now, you will find 65% off on all their hosting plans, which is an impressive offer! 

FastComet Best Plan

According to me, the best value plan for Shared Hosting on FastComet is the one-year FastCloud Plus plan.

The FastCloud Extra plan justifies the extra cost in two scenarios:

  1. If your website receives high traffic, exceeding 1 lakh visitors per month.
  2. If you require hosting for a shorter duration, such as 1 year. Since the discount percentage remains consistent across all durations, opting for a shorter duration can still yield a cost-effective deal.

Payment Methods

FastComet accepts payments through Credit Cards  (Visa, Maestro, MasterCard, American Express) and PayPal.

Purchase Process 

Acquiring hosting from FastComet is straightforward. You only need to provide your personal information and make your selection for:

  • Hosting Plan
  • Server Location (Mumbai, if your audience is Indian.)
  • Time Period
Purchase process of FastComet

One of the great advantages of FastComet is that you receive the same discount percentage whether you purchase a plan for 1 year or 3 years. This makes it an excellent option for shorter durations, allowing you to enjoy significant savings even with a shorter hosting commitment.

FastComet Refund Policy

FastComet’s refund policy stands out with a 45-day money-back guarantee for Shared hosting plans, giving customers more time to evaluate and decide on their hosting choice compared to the standard 30-day guarantees offered by others like Bluehost or GreenGeeks.

You can thoroughly test FastComet hosting for an extended period and, if it doesn’t meet your needs, cancel and receive a full refund.

FastComet Affiliate Program

Indeed, FastComet offers an intriguing Affiliate Program as well.

Registering for an affiliate account is free and comes with a $10 welcome bonus. Additionally, you gain access to an advanced dashboard for efficiently managing your campaigns and tracking your earnings.

FastComet Affiliate Program

The commission you receive depends on two factors:

  • Types of Hosting promoted 
  • Number of users referred

FastComet Referral Program

If you’re interested in enjoying free hosting indefinitely, you should definitely explore FastComet’s incredible Referral program.

By sharing referral links with friends and family, you can secure free hosting forever from FastComet if five or more people purchase hosting plans through your links.

FastComet referral program

As depicted in the image, even if just one person buys a shared hosting service through your link, you’ll receive free hosting for a generous 3-month period!

FastComet SEO and Marketing

SEO plays a crucial role in the success of your website.

SEO Tools on FastComet

Surprisingly, with FastComet, you get lots of SEO and Marketing tools to help you grow your website like:

  • SEO Optimized WordPress themes.
  • WordPress Social Media Optimization tool.
  • Drag and Drop Visual Page Builder.
  • Free Email Marketing Tools.
  • SE Ranking, the all-in-one SEO platform for business websites.

FastComet CDN 

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a network of interconnected servers distributed worldwide that store and deliver cached copies of your web content.

Essentially, CDNs minimize the physical distance between your web server and the user, resulting in faster website loading times in the visitor’s browser.

Cloudflare CDN on FastComet

FastComet offers complimentary access to the Cloudflare CDN, which boasts more than 100 data centers globally. This ensures that your website loads quickly, regardless of the geographical location of your audience, thanks to the widespread CDN infrastructure.

FastComet Migrations

Website migration involves the process of transferring your website from one hosting provider to another.

Regarding FastComet’s shared hosting plans, the FastCloud plan offers one free site migration, while the FastCloud Plus and FastCloud Extra plans allow you to migrate up to three websites for free. This flexibility in site migration options can be advantageous when transitioning to FastComet hosting services.

FastComet Website Builder

FastComet’s Website Builder is user-friendly and supports drag-and-drop editing.

FastComet website builder

With FastComet’s Website Builder, you have the flexibility to add and edit various widgets on your page, such as text, buttons, grids, images, media, archives, and exclusive FastComet widgets, all with ease.

Furthermore, you can choose from a wide selection of 760+ free themes to find the one that best matches your website’s style and purpose.

FastComet Sub-Account Control 

If you need to grant access to your account to others, FastComet provides convenient options for doing so.

Sub account controls on FastComet

Under Privacy Settings, you can enable specific permissions for viewing and managing:

  • Emails
  • Invoices
  • Products
  • Customer support
  • Domains
  • Affiliate accounts

This feature is particularly useful when you need to grant account access to clients, support personnel, team members, and others who require access to your account.

FastComet Software Support and Applications 

If you’re a developer, you’ll appreciate FastComet’s broad software support, including PHP 8.0, Bash, Perl, Python, NodeJS, Laravel, and more.

Developer tools on FastComet

This level of control over your hosting services can be highly beneficial for developers. Therefore, FastComet can be a favorable choice for developers seeking comprehensive control and flexibility.

Softaculous apps on FastComet

FastComet offers 300+ applications via Softaculous for various purposes, including CMS, blogs, eCommerce, and more, providing you with diverse options to enhance your website or project.

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