ChemiCloud Review 2024 – Value For Money Host

ChemiCloud is a well-established cloud hosting platform I’ve been using for over 3 years. Today, I’ll share my honest opinions about it.

In this ChemiCloud review, we will conduct tests to evaluate its speed, SRT, uptime, load capacity, and more. We’ll also examine key features such as the user interface, security, support, pricing plans, domain services, backups, CDN, migrations, data centers, and more.

About ChemiCloud

ChemiCloud is an American cloud hosting company founded in 2016, with its headquarters located in Middletown, USA. It serves over 50,000 customers worldwide.

chemicloud banner

ChemiCloud offers a range of hosting options, including Shared Hosting, WordPress Hosting, Cloud VPS Hosting, and Reseller Hosting. Their primary focus is on delivering transparency and user-friendliness to their customers.

ChemiCloud Overview


ChemiCloud User Interface

ChemiCloud’s interface is beginner-friendly, and it has undergone significant improvements since last year. It now features a cleaner and more responsive design.

The left panel provides quick links to essential functions such as services, billing, add-ons, domains, affiliates, and more. On the header bar, there’s a quick tour for beginners and an option for website migration.

ChemiCloud UI

The main screen showcases the dashboard, where you can view your active services, domains, tickets, unpaid invoices, and more. In addition to your active services, you have convenient links for cPanel, Webmail, App Installer, Server Information, and more.

ChemiCloud utilizes cPanel, an intuitive and user-friendly control panel. In summary, ChemiCloud’s interface is user-friendly, boasting a modern design with pleasing colors.

Testing Parameters

To test ChemiCloud hosting, I opted for the Pro Shared Hosting plan with data centers in Mumbai.

In addition, I utilized the following configurations for testing:

  1. Ocean WP Theme (Elementor based).
  2. Gym Template (Elementor Based).
  3. LiteSpeed Cache plugin (with default settings).

ChemiCloud Server Response Time

When checking the Server Response Time (SRT) from the Mumbai servers, I obtained excellent SRT results in Mumbai, Singapore, and Sydney regions, with Mumbai having the lowest at just 2 milliseconds (ms). However, the SRT increased as I moved towards the United States.

ChemiCloud SRT

A significant factor contributing to the low SRT is ChemiCloud’s use of LiteSpeed servers, which provide superior performance and speed.

ChemiCloud Speed Test

ChemiCloud provides SSD storage and Cloudflare CDN support across all hosting plans, resulting in fast loading speeds. Now, let’s examine the website’s speeds when tested from Bangalore, India.

The website loaded in just 995 milliseconds (ms)! I was highly impressed with ChemiCloud, as it offers speeds that are comparable to those of Cloudways and FastComet.

Overall, ChemiCloud delivered excellent speeds on Indian servers, especially considering that the cache plugin was operating on default settings. These results are remarkable, and if I had fine-tuned and customized the settings, the speeds could have been even faster!

ChemiCloud Uptime 

As a cloud hosting solution, ChemiCloud distributes users’ data across multiple cloud-based servers, significantly reducing the likelihood of downtime.

Regarding my website, I’ve been monitoring its uptime for the past 365 days using the Better Uptime tool, which checks my site’s uptime every 30 seconds.

ChemiCloud Uptime Status Report

Please provide the uptime status report for the ChemiCloud Shared Hosting Pro plan (Indian servers) for the last 365 days, and I’ll be happy to discuss it.

chemicloud speed

That’s excellent to hear! Your website achieved 100% uptime in the last month and an impressive 99.92% uptime over the past 365 days, with only 19 minutes of overall downtime. These uptime statistics reflect the reliability of ChemiCloud’s hosting service.

ChemiCloud’s claim of a 99.99% uptime guarantee is noteworthy. What sets them apart is their commitment to providing refunds for the number of hours the server was down in case they cannot meet this uptime guarantee. This demonstrates their dedication to delivering reliable hosting services to their users.

It’s worth noting that the refunds for downtime are credited to users’ accounts and can be utilized for renewals or acquiring add-ons within the ChemiCloud hosting platform. This approach adds value and flexibility to the hosting service for users.

ChemiCloud Load Handling

In the Load Testing phase, your website was subjected to real-life traffic conditions to assess its load-handling capabilities. During this test, 50 virtual users from Mumbai generated a total of 9312 requests, and pleasantly, none of them failed. This demonstrates ChemiCloud’s ability to effectively manage increased traffic loads.

ChemiCloud Load Test

The average response time was an exceptionally low 11 ms, with peak requests reaching 49 req/sec. Occasional spikes occurred due to minimal cache plugin tuning, but overall, the performance was impressive.

ChemiCloud Cache 

ChemiCloud utilizes LiteSpeed servers across all hosting plans, enabling you to enhance your website’s performance with the LiteSpeed cache plugin. Configuring it is a straightforward process accessible from the cPanel.

ChemiCloud Data Centers

ChemiCloud operates data centers in 11 global locations. Here’s the list:

chemicloud data center

ChemiCloud Domains

New Domains 

ChemiCloud also operates as a domain name registrar, allowing you to quickly register your preferred domain name. They offer Domain Name Generators to assist you in finding the ideal name for your blog or brand, making the process convenient and efficient.

They maintain consistent domain rates, ensuring that you can renew your domain at the same rate you initially purchased it for. Here are the purchase and renewal prices for some popular domain extensions.


ChemiCloud stands out as the only hosting company that provides a complimentary one-year domain to its new customers. When you purchase a hosting account and register a new domain name together, you can use the domain for the entire first year at no additional cost.

It’s important to note that to take advantage of this offer, you must claim the free domain within 60 days of your initial purchase.

Domain Transfer

You can smoothly transfer your domain from your previous domain registrar to ChemiCloud. The domain transfer rates are equivalent to the purchase and renewal rates, eliminating any additional expenses.

ChemiCloud Security

Indeed, website security is crucial, and ChemiCloud excels in providing robust security features to protect your website from online threats, making it a reliable choice for safeguarding your online presence.

ChemiCloud Security features
  1. SSL Certificate: All hosting plans include free Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificates.
  2. 2FA (Two-Factor Authentication): Two-factor authentication is available through 2FA apps like Google Authenticator and Authy.
  3. IP Blocker: It allows you to block specific IP addresses from accessing your website.
  4. SSH Access: Users can remotely access their server and transfer files over the internet using this feature.
  5. Malware Scanner: A malware scanner is available for free on the Turbo Shared hosting plan, which scans for malware on your website and addresses various online threats.
  6. Imunify360 Proactive Defense: This advanced firewall actively scans and thwarts viruses, brute force attacks, malware, DDoS attacks, and more. Please note that it is not available on the Starter plan.
  7. 24/7 Monitoring: The ChemiCloud team provides continuous server and network monitoring to ensure maximum protection against online threats and attacks.
  8. Account Isolation: Even on ChemiCloud shared hosting, accounts are kept isolated from each other. This means that if one website becomes infected, it won’t affect the other websites hosted on the same server.
  9. BoxTrapper: This feature requests verification from all emails not on your whitelist, helping to protect you from spam emails.

ChemiCloud Backups 

ChemiCloud provides automatic free daily backups on all of its plans. These backups are stored off-server, ensuring that your data is kept in a separate location for added security in case of any unforeseen incidents.

For shared hosting, backups are stored for:

  • Starter Plan: 10 days
  • Pro Plan: 20 days
  • Turbo Plan: 30 days
ChemiCloud Backups and Restoration

ChemiCloud’s backup system is managed by the JetBackup5 tool, which offers convenient 1-click restoration. This user-friendly feature allows you to choose precisely what you want to restore, making it accessible and straightforward for beginners and experienced users alike.

ChemiCloud Support 

ChemiCloud’s support is top-notch, with multiple avenues for assistance, including email, a ticket system, live chat, and phone support. They also maintain a robust knowledge base filled with informative articles to help users find solutions to their questions and issues.

chemicloud support

In my personal experience, ChemiCloud’s 24/7/365 live chat support was impressively fast, and their responses were both knowledgeable and courteous.

ChemiCloud Inode Count 

The inode count represents the total number of files on your hosting account. ChemiCloud offers the following inode limits on its shared hosting plans.

  • Starter plan: 250k inodes
  • Pro plan: 350k inodes
  • Turbo plan: 500k inodes

ChemiCloud Pricing Plans

Here’s a concise comparison of ChemiCloud’s shared hosting plans, including their features and pricing.

chemicloud pricing 1

ChemiCloud’s Shared Hosting plans are slightly pricier in comparison to other web hosting providers like Hostinger, GreenGeeks, or StableHost.

Despite the slightly higher cost, ChemiCloud’s Shared Hosting plans offer excellent value due to the attractive features included even in the Starter plan. These features comprise daily backups, unlimited email accounts, unlimited bandwidth, free SSL, SiteLock security, a free CDN, numerous migration options, and 15 GB of NVMe SSD storage, among others.

You’ll get the best discounts with ChemiCloud’s shared hosting plans when you choose a 3-year duration. Plus, all plans come with NVMe SSD storage, which is a great feature.

Best Plan

In my view, the Pro Shared Hosting plan for 3 years is the top choice from ChemiCloud. If your website receives substantial traffic, the Turbo plan is also a solid option.

Payment Methods

ChemiCloud currently accepts payments through International Debit and Credit cards, as well as Paypal. It’s hopeful that they may consider introducing Indian payment options like UPI in the future, which could further enhance convenience for their users.

Purchase Process 

Buying hosting from ChemiCloud is a straightforward process. You begin by selecting your desired hosting plan and clicking on ‘Get Started Now.’ From there, you can choose to register a new domain or add an existing one to your account.

ChemiCloud purchase process

After selecting your domain, you proceed to choose the server location and the duration of your hosting plan. It’s worth noting that the most significant discounts are typically available for the 3-year plans. While there may be some add-ons available, your experience suggests that they may not provide significant value.

ChemiCloud Refund Policy

ChemiCloud, like FastComet, HostArmada, and StableHost, offers a 45-day refund guarantee. This extended refund period allows you to thoroughly test all the features of your hosting plan and make an informed decision about its suitability for your needs.

It’s important to note that the 45-day refund guarantee provided by ChemiCloud applies specifically to hosting services. Any additional purchases such as domains or add-ons like SSL, Email Security, SEO Tools, etc., would typically not be eligible for a refund under this policy.

ChemiCloud Affiliate Program

ChemiCloud offers an enticing affiliate program that allows you to earn commissions by referring people to their hosting services. This can be a great opportunity to earn extra income by promoting their hosting solutions to others.

ChemiCloud’s affiliate program features various levels based on the number of affiliates you refer. This structure allows you to calculate your estimated earnings based on your performance and the level you achieve in the program.

ChemiCloud Affiliate Program

Becoming an affiliate with ChemiCloud is simple and can be an appealing opportunity. To get started, you just need to sign up as an affiliate and share your referral links to promote ChemiCloud hosting services.

That’s quite attractive! You can earn a $50 commission for each user who signs up through your affiliate link and stays with ChemiCloud for at least 45 days.

ChemiCloud CDN 

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a network of servers distributed worldwide. These servers cache your website content and make it readily accessible to your audience, resulting in faster website loading times across various locations.

Cloudflare CDN support on ChemiCloud

ChemiCloud provides the Cloudflare CDN for free with its hosting plans. Cloudflare CDN is widely recognized for its global server presence and can significantly enhance your website’s loading speeds and overall performance.

ChemiCloud Website Staging

Website staging on ChemiCloud is a straightforward process. All you need to do is

  1. Create a sub-domain where you will establish your staging environment.
  2. Access the Softaculous App Installer in your cPanel.
  3. Locate the installation you want to create a staging environment for, and click on the ‘Create Staging’ button next to it.
Staging in ChemiCloud

4. After creating a staging environment in ChemiCloud, enter the sub-domain you’ve set up as part of the installation URL. This action will copy a clone of your original site to the staging sub-domain.

Staging Successful URL in chemicloud

5. After setting up staging, you’ll get URLs for both the site and admin panel to test changes before applying them to the live site.

Pushing changes to live in Staging

Once you’re satisfied with the changes in the staging environment, simply click the “Push to Live” button to apply those changes to your live website.

ChemiCloud Migrations 

Indeed, ChemiCloud’s migration service is one of its standout features. If you manage multiple websites, you’ll appreciate the convenience and efficiency of their migration options.

ChemiCloud offers an impressive migration service. With any of their plans, you can migrate up to 200 cPanel accounts for free. Even if your previous hosting provider didn’t use cPanel, you can still migrate 10 non-cPanel accounts at no cost. This generous migration support makes ChemiCloud a standout choice for users with multiple websites.

You must initiate these migrations within 60 days of purchasing your hosting. Currently, no other hosting company offers as many free migrations on their plans as ChemiCloud does.

ChemiCloud Website Builder

ChemiCloud provides the Sitepad website builder, a user-friendly drag-and-drop builder that is easy to use, even for beginners, much like the offerings from StableHost and HostArmada.

Using the Sitepad website builder on ChemiCloud is straightforward. You can choose from their extensive collection of 760+ themes, input your site details, and install the selected theme with ease.

SitePad sitebuilder

The SitePad Site Builder on ChemiCloud allows you to edit individual pages of your chosen theme, and the availability of advanced widgets is a notable feature. Overall, the SitePad Site Builder appears to be a excellent option for users of shared hosting plans.

Chemicloud Developer Options

ChemiCloud developer options

ChemiCloud offers extensive support for developers, including features such as PHP 8.0, NodeJS, Python, Perl, Bash, Laravel, SSH and SFTP Access, and many more. These features cater to the needs of developers and provide a versatile environment for web development and customization.

ChemiCloud Add-ons

ChemiCloud provides various services as add-ons for its hosting plans, available for an additional cost.

  1. Various SSL Certificates
  2. Email Spam Filtering
  3. SiteLock (for website security and malware protection)
  4. Marketgoo (for enhancing website traffic and business growth)
  5. Disk Space Add-on for Turbo Hosting (20 GB for $4.95/month)
  6. Turbo+ Boost Add-on for Turbo Hosting (6 CPUs and 6 GB RAM for $6.95/month)

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